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Central CARES

Central CARES is a ministry to connects people to the church during difficult times by offering a comprehensive care ministry. We believe that congregational care is care done through the congregation. Developing leaders and equipping servants to use their God-given gifts to provide ministry to our congregation. When members cannot get to us, we go to them and offer support groups when the need arises. Come join our CARES Team of Care Ministers, Prayer Team, Handy Helpers, Prayer Shawl Team, Correspondence Team, and Baking Ministry and experience the great joy of congregational ministry.

Central CARES:

Compassion, Accessibility, Renewal, Equipping, and Support.

Call us, we are standing by to offer you comprehensive care, support, and encouragement when you need it most.

CARES Ministry

You don’t have to face the difficult times alone. CARES Ministry is a compassion ministry for people facing difficult challenges in their lives such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, or illness. It is one-to-one, confidential, Christ-centered care provided by laypersons who have been equipped by the church with specific training. Being a CARES Minister is a practical and powerful way to respond to Christ’s commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Handy Helpers

Handy Helpers are here to serve those in need.  If you are home-bound, elderly, or have a compromised immune system, Handy Helpers will pick up groceries or pharmacy items and deliver them to your home.  If you or anyone in your family needs a Handy Helper, please contact   at 479-442-4237 to make a request.

Healing Prayer Ministry

We believe God restores and will ultimately make all things new. We have team members specifically trained to minister to wounds caused by damaged emotions and difficult life experiences. For a Healing Prayer appointment, call 479-442-4237.

Pastoral Visits

Pastors visit the hospitals daily. We also offer an on-call line in the evening and on weekends for emergency situations. Please call the church office at 479-442-4237 for more information.

Visitation Team

When you can’t come to see us, we will come to you. We are readily available in times of hospitalization, rehabilitation, and loss. Our Visitation Team moves out weekly to visit those members who are homebound, in residential facilities, or physically unable to attend worship services.

Are you in need of Prayer?

Prayer Line

Call 479-582-4673 (HOPE) or fill out the form to the right to make a confidential prayer request. Each request is prayed over by a member of the prayer team.

Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are available in the pews or in the worship attendance pads. Fill these out and place them on the offering plate. Our team will be in prayer the following week.

Prayer Request Form
Prayer Request

Speak to a Pastor

Everyone needs somebody to talk to every now and then, even for five to ten minutes. If you need somebody to talk to or pray with, the pastors at Central are here to help! To speak with a Pastor, please fill out the form below; these submissions are sent directly to our pastors and kept confidential.

Pastoral Request Form
Speak with a Pastor

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