Vacation Bible School

June 10-13

Our theme is Compassion Camp! This will be a week of fun, learning, and mission for kids entering kindergarten through sixth grade. Compassion Camp will teach us what every living thing needs. We will learn about caring for our neighbors, our world, and ourselves through the love of Christ. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Children's Director, Erika Regier, .

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VBS Donations

VBS needs donations. This year, our theme is Compassion Camp. Central kids will spend the week learning “what every living thing needs.” We are excited to incorporate mission activities and lessons to teach how we take care of the world around us.
VBS Activity Donations
  • Paper Towel tubes
  • Cardboard/Cardboard boxes
  • Shoeboxes
  • Newspaper
  • Empty handsoap bottles with pumps

Mission Donations

Help us with supplies so our VBS Kids can build kits for refugee families in Arkansas. VBS is working with our ministry partner, Canopy NWA, to supply bathroom and kitchen kits. The families that come to Canopy NWA arrive with very little; your support can make a significant difference in helping them rebuild their lives.

Mixing Bowls(2-3)

Food Storage Containers

Medium Pot with Lid

Large Pot with Lid

Skillet/Frying Pan

Baking Dish (glass or ceramic)

Cutting Boards (1-2)

Large Chef’s Knife

Small Paring Knife

Can Opener

Kitchen size Trash Bag

Bath Towels

Hand Towels (4)

Washcloths (6-8)

Shower Curtain, rod, and rings

Bath Mat

Small Waste Basket

Toilet Paper (4 rolls)

Hand Soap

These lists represent items per kit. We will accept any combination of items and will build the kits accordingly.

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