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Central UMC Blog

The River of God's Love

Posted by Glenn Miller on

The imagery of life as a river has led us at Genesis’ Morning Manna in our worship services to a point of navigating life with love as our desire, path, and deepest longing. Like a trip of a lifetime down the raging Colorado River we go – with a trustworthy, seasoned and true guide in Christ our strength and expert navigator.

Christ, the one who created the river and knows its’ every turn and danger.

Christ, the lover of our souls, who will never lead us astray.

Christ, the incarnate Deity - who knows our fears, has seen our trials and will lead us to still waters.

Christ, the forgiving Lord, who calls us to walk out on the water knowing we will sink without Him - with an extended hand to pull us into the safety of His arms.

Christ, the wellspring of the living water He pours over and into us – the flow in which we move and have our being.

Jesus who calms the storm with a word, creating a clear path for us by His inflowing Spirit.

Our brother, our Savior – He has given us all the equipment we need on our journey:

His love which never fails, always protects, and always perseveres.

His light, His word which never dims; a light unto our path so we may live in the light and never fear the darkness.

His Spirit, the Comforter, who turns fear into power and love, and makes our paths straight and our choices right.

His armor, the power of God is within us; the assurance of our salvation, girded with truth, protected by righteousness, shielded by faith, armed with His Spirit for any challenges, and filled with peace to bring the living waters to a dry and dusty world.

His constant communication thru prayer, the very words of God - leading, guiding, assuring, and healing us.

The river we travel on is God’s love, drawn from the deep well of His grace and forgiveness, overflowing from hearts moving in unison with His love for us.

God is love, and the river springs from the essence of who God is – ever faithful, ever loving, ever providing, ever protecting, and never leaving us drifting alone on the tempest in a raft of our own making.

Jesus whole life was love. He exemplified this through miracles of love, the teaching of God’s agape love, and sacrificial love by giving Himself to the cross for our sins.

On the journey we are called to live the True Path of love, to be people of love – the Spirit-Filled, grace-offering, forgiveness-giving, living-water-providing streams which flow with the current of the water of life from the heart of God.

Love is the defining characteristic of a follower of Christ, and as His disciples let us learn the True Path of love from the Master’s lead and Spirit. The commandment is before us to join the flow of the River of God’s love, loving God and others as Christ did.

Prayer: Lord we praise you for your limitless love. Help us to see how wide and deep the river of your faithful love runs. Lead us to still waters and green pastures. Fill us with your Spirit of guidance and love of all your children. May we live lives of love in response to your example of limitless love. Help us to walk out on the waters of grace with your guiding hand. In the name of living water, Jesus our True North, amen.

-Glenn Miller
Local Mission Coordinator


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