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Courage to Forgive - an Anonymous blog

Posted by Anonymous Author on

Hey faith family, can we talk? No, I mean really talk. Let’s be real, each week we come onto this campus for community. But there’s a natural tendency to hold each other at arm’s length. What brings people closer together? Real conversation, the kind of sharing that’s genuine and soul-searching. Within this Body of Christ are people who have experienced love, loss, and lessons learned the hard way. They have confessions to make, doubts to express, and triumphs to celebrate. Your story, as imperfect as it may seem to you, might just be the turning point for another person.

For this reason, we’ve created the Anonymous Project. The Anonymous Project is a place on the Central blog where anyone can submit their story.

We hope you find the first Anonymous story as humbling and inspiring as we do. If freedom is found in forgiveness then this person truly knows what living life completely free is. We are awestruck by their faith in Christ and ability to see others through Christs’ eyes.


Some of my earliest memories are from being in the church. As a child, it brought me a lot of joy. It was a place of peace for my family.

But when I was four, our home became broken and divided in a very large way. Satan was allowed to enter our peaceful home and attack my father through sexual sin.
My father became a sexual molester of me.

This event broke my whole family. The joy was removed. My mother was devastated and didn’t know what to do. But she did know to keep us in church. She knew that would bring us the peace we needed. She showed me that when things get hard, we go to the church…and we pray. I remember many times waking up at night with her sitting in my room. And I’m certain that she had been praying and watching over me while I slept.

As I matured there was a pattern of shame that had a strong hold on my life. When I started developing relationships I gravitated towards people who I felt I could fix or people who I felt could fix me. Unfortunately, that meant I was gravitating toward people who treated me in a certain way that made me feel more ashamed and in ways that I knew, was not Godly.

Through studying God’s word, I learned that I was not to be ashamed.
I learned to have a relationship with God as my best friend, putting Him first.
I learned to turn to Him with my questions, discovering the truth about who I was.

To learn God’s word was to believe God’s word …to believe that I was beautiful.
I was going to believe that I was fearfully and wonderfully made.
I was going to believe how much He loved me.
People started to see a new me.

Since then, there have been some huge radical times where I’ve had to make a 90-degree turn. When you recognize who God is calling you to be and you make that decision to step onto His path, turning away from destruction, you also have to find faith that He will carry your burdens. One of those radical times was following my divorce. There was so much anger! One night I was crying out in anger to God, screaming “God I don’t want to be this person! I don’t want to be this angry!” God spoke to me clearly … as clearly as you and I having a conversation. “Don’t worry about him. I will take care of him. But I do want you to remember this. I love him as much as I love you. And I want you to rest knowing that.” It gave me peace. I could move on with my life without having the responsibility of fixing other people’s lives.

God had given me the joy that the locust had eaten. Finally, I was able to focus on what God wanted for me. Freedom. Grace. Peace.

Today, through forgiveness, I am blessed with the beginning of a reconciled relationship with my father. Our conversations are very bold in Christ and based on the truth of Christ. Through Christ, I have been freed and I have been able to confront my father with what I had to endure in the past. My father has asked for my forgiveness and more importantly, he has asked for God’s forgiveness.

I know that it is only through Christ and only through the courage that He has given me and my father, that we are able to reconcile and have a relationship.

That sense of peace I had as a child in church I now not only have in the church, but I have it in my life. I’ve learned that the ways of the world are wrong, but I don’t have to be of the world. I can take God’s peace and God’s joy and God’s grace and take them into this world and be His light.



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