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Apr 11, 2020

Saturday: Music Devotional

    Song: Rejoice

    Artist: Influence Music

    Youtube | Spotify

    Imagine you are living in Israel during the time of Jesus’ ministry, as His 13th disciple. You have walked with Him for the entirety of His three years of ministry. You know Him to be the Son of God and you believe He has come to save the world. You have seen Him perform many miracles: healing the sick, turning water into wine, multiplying food for a multitude of people (more than once). He’s unstoppable, right? Now you see Him arrested and taken to be beaten and crucified. How do you feel? Do you feel devastated? Do you feel betrayed? Do you feel hopeless? Now imagine three days later, on Sunday, the Man you followed and put all your hope, faith, and trust into appears before you as the Risen King. I bet you would have a hard time not rejoicing at the sight of your Savior. Just look at Thomas’ words when Jesus revealed Himself to His disciples in John 20:28: “My Lord and my God!”

    Easter Sunday is a day of celebration! We rejoice because sin has been defeated once and for all, and Jesus paid the debt for our sin that we couldn’t pay ourselves. Praise God!!! I (Hayden) wanted to take this time to talk about a song I found while I was looking for contemporary worship music. This song is a beautiful and powerful celebration of what Jesus did on the cross and a declaration of God’s love for us.


    “Rejoice He’s won the battle for the saints”

    Rejoice! Paul refers to those who put their faith in Jesus as saints in many of his letters (Romans 1:7; 1 Corinthians 1:2; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Ephesians 1:1; Philippians 1:1; and Colossians 1:1). We are sinners, but we have been made right with God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and we are now saints for His will and His glory. With that in mind, we are reminded that Jesus has won the battle for His people! He GAVE His life on the cross and won our eternal salvation.


    “Rejoice because all Heaven knows your name”

                In John 10, Jesus says, “‘I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me, even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep.’” (John 10:14-15, NASB) There are several times in scripture where it is said that our names are written in the book of life. Those with their names in the book of life are the ones who will be saved.

    “Rejoice that sin is powerless today”

    When Jesus rose from the dead, we were freed from the bondage of sin and shame. Sin still affects us every day and will for the rest of our lives, but we have been given a promise that we are not slaves to sin anymore. Read Romans 6. Here, Paul talks about how our old selves were crucified with Jesus “in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin; for he who has died is freed from sin…For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:6b-7, 23, NASB) We have eternal life with God, because of the work of Jesus. Rejoice!


    “Sing Hallelujah, what a savior”

    Here, we as the worshiper, sing “Hallelujah”, an exclamation of praise. It comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to praise ye YAH (YAHWEH)”1. We praise God for what He has done and for the work of Jesus. “What a savior” sounds like a statement of amazement to me. When you really think about what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do, it is hard not to be amazed, or even overwhelmed by His goodness, kindness, mercy, and grace. This line occurs multiple times throughout the song. When it is sung, truly remember Who you are singing to, and praise and worship Him for Who He is and what He has done.


    “Rejoice because He chose to make us kings”

    We are co-heirs of God with Christ (Romans 8:15-17). Jesus is the King of kings. We are not given authority as kings or queens to rule over others or to rule over our own lives, but we are given the inheritance of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.


    “Rejoice because your life has been redeemed”

    As mentioned before, we have been redeemed by Jesus’ work on the cross. We were stuck in our sin and had no way of escaping on our own, but we are covered by the blood of the spotless Lamb and are now redeemed in the eyes of the Lord.


    “Rejoice because He lives in you and me”

    On the first Pentecost after Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles (read about this in Acts 2). Jesus promised to send a helper since He was returning to Heaven. This helper is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit resides with us, always doing the work of sanctification in those that follow Jesus.


    “It is finished, it is done”

    Here, the author of the song echoes Jesus’ final words on the cross. When Jesus breathed His final breath, He uttered these words and then gave up His spirit. (John 19:30) We know that this act was done once and for all. Jesus paid the price of all our sin one time, and we can’t do anything to undo that. There is no need for us to worry whether we have sinned ourselves out of God’s grace, as long as we repent of our sins when they happen and seek to live in right relationship with God. Rejoice!


    “Heaven’s love poured out on us”

    This was the ultimate act of love, that God would send His Son to die for us (John 3:16). God love’s us so much that from the moment Adam and Eve introduced sin into the world, He began working to redeem His people. His love for us can’t be fully comprehended. I believe if I were able to fully comprehend God’s love for me, one of two things would be happening: 1) Either I’d be worshiping too small a god, or 2) I wouldn’t be able to do anything but weep and rejoice.


    “Separated now we’re one”

    We were once separated from God due to sin, but we have now been given the free gift of everlasting life. We now have a relationship with God.


    “Rejoice because the kingdom is at hand”

    The kingdom of God is near. No one except God knows when Jesus will return in the second coming (Mark 13:32), but the kingdom of God is fast approaching. Every second that passes is a second closer to the second coming of the Messiah, the final victory of God over satan, and the new heaven and new earth.


    “Rejoice because His peace will rule the land”

    After the final victory over satan, once everything has been restored to perfection and we spend eternity with God, the rule of sin will be no more and God’s peace will rule forever. Rejoice!


    “Rejoice because our God became a Man”

    Jesus, the Word become flesh, came from His eternal throne, was born as a baby and lived the life of a human without sinning (John 1:14). The very fact that God loves us enough to leave eternal perfection to save us is definitely worth rejoicing!


    “Today’s the day He’s made, I’m gonna rejoice, I’ll be glad in it, I’m lifting my voice”

    Here, the author of the song references Psalm 118:24. “This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” I am especially reminded of this truth on Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in the resurrection of Jesus! Rejoice!


    “Hallelujah x3, it is done, Hallelujah x3, Jesus won, Hallelujah x3, it is done, Hallelujah x3”

    (I have shorted how I typed out the lyrics above to save space).

    Every time I get to this part of the song, I am overwhelmed with joy, frequently to the point of tears. This section of the song is my chance to continually praise God and to remind myself of the truth about His death and resurrection. Hallelujah, it is done! Hallelujah, Jesus won! Sin no longer has a hold of my life but instead, I am free in Christ!

    I love this song. It has so much energy, and it gets me amped up to worship God. I will frequently turn it on when I need some high-energy, worship music. I pray that God will speak peace over you through this song and that He would move as only He can through it.

    Prayer: Holy God, we thank you for loving us. We thank You for loving us so much that You have been working to redeem us from the moment sin marred the world. We thank You for loving us so much that You sent Your Son to die for us. Jesus, we thank You for the work You did on the cross. You took our place, bearing the weight of our sin on Your shoulders, and You paid the price that was meant for us, because You love us. Holy Spirit, we thank You for being with us at all times. We thank You for always working in us to bring us back into right living with God the Father. Help us to always be mindful of the blessing we have in Jesus’ resurrection. We rejoice in Your name, O God. Be lifted high, now and forever. Amen.


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