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Infant Baptism
Brent and Amy Yearry will present their infant daughter, Norah Elizabeth Yearry, to receive Christian Baptism at the 8:30 a.m. worship service in the Sanctuary this Sunday, October 22, 2017. The paternal grandparents are Judy and Alan Yearry and the maternal grandparents are Gina and Michael Webb.  Lennon Durchman and Miles Yearry are the big brothers.

Josh and Becca Raney will present their infant son, Hayes Gregory Raney, to receive Christian Baptism at the 10:45 a.m. worship service in Central’s Activities Center this Sunday, October 22, 2107. The maternal grandparents are Becky and Scotty Fergus and the paternal grandparents are Beth and Tony Raney.

Sympathy To
The family of Troy Trent who died on October 13, 2017.  Mr. Trent joined the Genesis Campus in July 2016.

In Need of Prayer
Kathy Britt, Herman Jones, and Gene Staggs.

Worship Attendance 10/15/17
8:30 a.m. Classic 116
10:45 a.m. Classic 283
9:30 a.m. Contemporary 247
10:45 a.m. Contemporary 296
Genesis Campus 258
Genesis Morning Manna 114
Midweek KidsLife 229
Other Services 392
Total Attendance 1,935
Record of Our Stewardship 10/15/17
General Operations
Total 2017 Budgeted Amount $4,987,250
Amount Received Year to Date $3,155,019
Amount Remaining to Meet 2017 Budget $1,823,231
Property Maintenance
Total 2017 Budgeted Amount $295,750
Amount Received Year to Date $174,391
Amount Remaining to Meet 2017 Budget $121,359
Great is Thy Faithfulness


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