CCM Events & Registration

CCM Family Night at the Farm
Friday, October 18 | 5 - 8 p.m. | Farmland Adventures
The whole family is invited to an evening of good ol' fashion fun at Farmland Adventures in Springdale. Pony rides and pumpkin patches are just a couple of the heart-warming fall traditions we'll share with one another. There's no better place to be than here, making memories with your family and your church. Join us around the campfire at the end of the evening for some delicious smores! You will pay as a family when you get there.

CCM Bible Blast-Off!
Friday, Nov 1 | 6 - 8:30 pm | Ed. Bldg
Registration required
3rd graders are invited to participate in Bible Blast-Off! Through games and song, the children will learn some basics about the Bible. Those attending will have an opportunity to get to know one another better and become more familiar with their Bibles at the same time. A fun evening! A meal will be provided for all who attend.
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Touchstone Jars  
Celebrating the Spiritually Forming Moments of Our Lives
The word “touchstone” has come to mean a fundamental part of the whole. Spiritual formation has several touchstones: worship, discipleship, relationships, and service. When the family and the church partner together, these touchstones become measurable moments. This fall Central invites you and your family to start your own Touchstone Jar. Add a marble or a stone to your jar as you worship or take part in a memorable event. Watch as your jar fills with touchstones and your hearts fill with memories.

How does it work?  

  • Add a marble each time your family attends church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • Special objects will be provided to commemorate events such as baptism, confirmation, and retreats.

  • You may want to add other objects to commemorate events unique to your family’s spiritual journey.

Where do we get our Touchstone Containers? 
Touchstone Containers are available in our Sunday School buildings for each Central family.

When do we pick up our Touchstone Containers? Touchstone Containers are now available, contact  for more information.

As this jar fills with touchstones, we pray your hearts will fill with memories.