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New Member
Emily Becker

In Need of Prayer
Honor Ali, Bob Barnes, Rhonda Edens, Faye Edwards, Melissa Griggs, Alice Jones, Bill Jones, William Kennan, Jayne McClure, Jim McCord, Dot McElroy, Chester Naramor, Betty Phelps, Cathy Rigby, Jim Strange, Jr., and William Turberville.

Worship Attendance 6/18/17
8:30am Classic 95
10:45am Classic 188
9:30am Contemporary 431
10:45am Contemporary 116
Genesis Campus 222
Other Services 114
Total Attendance 1,166
Record of Our Stewardship 6/18/17
General Operations
Needed Each Week $93,929
Received This Week $61,853
Property Maintenance
Needed Each Week $5,580
Received This Week $4,187

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